My work is a mishmash of styles, the direct result of being a child of the eighties. In my early years I watched a lot of cartoons and was also surrounded by a healthy dose of art nouveau images. All this has embedded itself into my psyche and while I push forward to shape my own path and creative ideas, I’m thankful for my early influences.

The current works are shaped by observations and self-reflection.

Finding connection in community, social interaction, and the flow of the day-to-day. The series of faces in my paintings and sketches stem from these observations with many looking back unengaged to the viewer. Global connection through media and the division caused by it sits within these pieces. For the most part we are happy in our own worlds but in its simplest form we are all connected regardless. Living through loss and grief, joy, and happiness, it’s all connected.

I feel my role as an artist isn’t to have answers but to leave questions to contemplate.

To view other animated works and info through this site please click on the above lefthand button.

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